Proper Mag 12

Here's my cover (2 covers actually, click the black bar) for issue 12 of Proper Mag, the Hikerdelia issue. If you're wondering what Hikerdelia is, here's some Proper wisdom…

''Hikerdelia is... technical fleeces in burning oranges and lurid greens. It's peaking in the Peak District. It's watching the sun go down as you come up in Yosemite National Park. It's Kendal Mint Cake with purple ohms in it. It's clothing which is part masculine, part mescaline. It's dressing like a mountain surfer. It's a smorgasbord of North West England in 1988 combined with Colorado in 1972 with a side salad of psychedelic sauces/seasoning. And chips. It's the long lost, bushy-bearded cousin of the acid rambler. It's what Don Whillans would have wanted. It's what Don Brennan would have wanted. It's telling people to chill their beans while you're cooking yours (using a pink stove). It's a packet of Refreshers shared with a mountain goat called Martin. It's losing your mind then finding it next to some some bear repellent spray. In Runcorn. It's dressing a vintage Action Man up like he's your well dressed mate and not being arsed if your real mates think you're weird. It's writing poetry with loads of fucking swearing in it. It's just the sun rising....''

All clear? Good.



Limited edition prints available here.